$1 grilled cheese

$1 grilled cheese

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    3 Month(s) Ago

    worked at a brewery and a food truck. it is sad how many people come up and ask how much the start up cost was, then go into how they would have done it "right". so many it got to be a joke, we could predict it by how they walked up.

  • sexquipoop69
    3 Month(s) Ago

    My buddy showed up to a phish show with a truck full of bread and cheese with a plan to sell grilled cheese. They asked him for his vendor permit and when he said he had none they said he couldn't sell anything. He hemmed and hawed and eventually asked if he could give em away. They said they couldn't stop him. So he spent 3 days giving away grilled cheeses with a tip jar. He ended up averaging like $4 a grilled cheese, of which he was planning on charging $2 a piece for. It all worked out.

  • captainangry24
    3 Month(s) Ago

    $1 grilled cheese is apparently run by somebody who has been asked a LOT of stupid fucking questions by a LOT of stupid fucking people.

  • gregory_wiggins
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This isn't real, its a joke an artist mocked up:


  • Bad_Boy_Bubbyy
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Once again, will my Grilled cheese be cut down the middle or corner to corner?

    Edit: Just got my first award. Thank you very much my fellow anonymous Redditor. It better be from a corner to corner person, or I'll send it back. (Just kidding)

    Edit Edit:. Wow, first Gold and Silver award on the same day, awarded to a comment about Grilled Cheese. I wouldn't of wanted it any other way. Thank you very much my other fellow anonymous Redditor.

  • kzwirbs
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Is this food truck run by Ron Swanson?

  • meldridge23
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Here's a link to the very long Twitter thread of him breaking down the idea:


  • lionbear7
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Here is the Original Tweet Thread

    The guy who came up with it is hilarious and I 10/10 recommend reading through the thread for a smile.

  • binky779
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Clear Eyes

    Full Hearts

    Can't Lose


  • WarpedD
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Saw this as a thread on Twitter, he kept adding more text based on the replies he got.

  • tint_shady
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Friday Night Lights really was a great fucking show...

  • DanishWonder
    3 Month(s) Ago

    my daughter LOVES grilled cheeses. If I could find a place that has them for $1 I would literally be there every day.

  • PistolPlay
    3 Month(s) Ago

    knocks on window four sambucas please

  • TippsAttack
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

    I work in an IT office at a University. Had a student ask me if they can ... AND I QUOTE: "...download the wifi so they can use it at home? My tuition pays for the wifi here so I should be able to download it and use it at home."

  • MackDaddyMorris
    3 Month(s) Ago
  • supadupactr
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Ok which one of y’all are asking questions about a damn $1 grilled cheese?

  • MileageAddict
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Here's a picture of the customer-side: https://imgur.com/a/T6TxaEt

  • ChocoQueenie75
    3 Month(s) Ago

    He had me at "no, I don't know where a bathroom is..."

  • NamedMichael
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Hell of a lot better deal than the $11 6pc wings that were being sold in a food truck outside of my office last week.

  • Elhaym
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Where is this? Because I'd certainly give it a try.

  • daileyjd
    3 Month(s) Ago

    As a small farm owner with only 2 product offerings.....I highly respect this.

    Oooooo you could make soooo much more money if you offer 12 cheese options and fries.

    Oooo why don't you stay open 24/7 and build a bunch of drive throughs that also serve cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

    Oooooo you could make so much more money if you sold your dairy animals and bought almonds to milk instead.

    Ooooo we love supporting local small scale organic farms and hate what Coca Cola fair life did to harm all those animals (sips 3rd free sample) we drink chocolate milk everyday.....oh no. It's too expensive. We will just buy fairlife.

    Ooooo you could make so much more money if instead of grilled cheese you code an advanced search algorithm and a website called google. Take that company public with an IPO and retire. Why don't you have that?

  • whitedragon101
    3 Month(s) Ago

    “If you want a reminder how stupid people are think of how stupid the average person is, then remember half of the population is more stupid than that.” - George Carlin

  • shortinha
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This is hysterical. The other side of the truck is just as funny. He just sells a $1 grilled cheese sandwiches made with butter and yellow cheese and white bread. Don't dare ask for a tomato slice and anything else. No substitutes. Nothing to drink, just grilled cheese. You better have the exact change. Give him a $5, you get 5 grilled cheese sandwiches. Give him a $20, you get 20 grilled cheese sandwiches. I want a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum, grilled cheese. Excuse me, have to go see if I have some cheese in the house.

    Also. Yellow truck, yellow cheese. It's the little touches that count.

  • boniggy
    3 Month(s) Ago

    hmm.. i wonder if he knows that he could make a LOT more if he sold them for $2 or $3 each instead of $1.

    I'll have to ask him the next time i see him.

  • Delfeen
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I don't really care if it's fake or not it made me laugh and feel a little better today.

  • thegeekforever
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I really hope he gets to see the owl again.

  • Rafex_ooo
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I feel like this Truck is run by Ron Swanson...

  • Subawho
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Not scrolling through 1000+ comments to see if this is included.


    Front of $1 GC

  • intersectv3
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Okay I wanna find this and talk about Friday Night Lights.

  • ArcadianDelSol
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I am absolutely torn down into individual emotional legos having learned that this isn't real.

    It is important to me that this be real.

    also, I have been craving grilled cheese for 2.3 days straight now. It's now no longer a matter of price. It could turn into $10.95 Grilled Cheese and I'd pay it without hesitation.

    This is how cults are started - Im pretty sure.

  • Illustration-Station
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Source: https://twitter.com/tinymediaempire/status/1136992675742269440

    The whole thread is great, please enjoy :-)

    Daniel Danger‏ @tinymediaempire

    my post-art plan is opening a grilled cheese cart. it will serve $1 grilled cheese made with white bread, bulk cheese, bulk butter, and thats it. greasy as hell. no options, no artisan, nothing. there will be no change. you give me $5 youre getting 5, you figure your own life out

  • killuminati-savage
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Was this not on reddit yesterday? (well the other side of the trailer at least) I'm honestly not sure and feel like I'm having some weird deja vu.

  • Catchdown
    3 Month(s) Ago

    "Dude, like, you could make so much more money if you charged $3 for grilled cheese"

    "What an excellent idea. You buying some?"

    "Yeah, 2 portions please"

    "That'll be $6"

  • throwingitout2day
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Everyone needs a window like this. Keep on keeping on, Grilled Cheese Dude.