Are...are you serious?

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  • TysonBison7
    1 Week(s) Ago

    What a day that was. We asked God nicely for the rainbow, he should have known what was coming when he said no.

  • lshar0717
    1 Week(s) Ago

    And on the 7th day, when god was taking a rest, Adam's secret cousin stephen stole the rainbow

  • PlzLearn
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I mean technically he's right. That is the WORST example of cultural appropriation ever. It's not cultural appropriation at all.

  • nouniquenamesleft2
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Bryan Fischer?

    he's seriously a lunatic

  • Budderman18
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Wait, 9:11-17? THE GAYS CAUSED 9/11 CONFIRMED

  • ShapeshiftingReptoid
    1 Week(s) Ago

    But God already knew that LGBT people would eventually use the rainbow as their symbol, long before creating either LGBT people or rainbows. What am I missing here?

  • monkey-2020
    1 Week(s) Ago

    The thunder clapped and lighting lit the heavens. The Earth shook. God put his rainbow in the sky and spake onto Noah.


    Trembling Noah asked "Why my lord."


    The original Sanskrit seems to have been lost in translation.

  • weirdgroovynerd
    1 Week(s) Ago

    "For fuck's sake!

    The breeders took my apple and now the gayes take my rainbow.

    This is why you little shits can't have nice things!"

    *God, indubitably

  • Lalocal4life
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Some people must wake up angry after dreaming about other people enjoying their lives.

  • taknopants
    1 Week(s) Ago

    The fucked up thing about the rainbow in the Bible is it’s a reminder for god not to drown everyone again lol, what a great symbol

  • BrainPains
    1 Week(s) Ago

    According to the bible, the rainbow is god's promise to us lowly humans that he won't commit mass genocide ever again! I much prefer the gay community's usage.

  • darwinianfacepalm
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Pretty powerful god the Christians have. He can be stolen from and have his plans ruined by birth control pills and plastic.

  • mr_kenobi
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I would pay good money to see an Oceans 11 style movie where 11 gays steal the rainbow from God. To make it a challenge they have to steal it one colour at a time and face off against arch angels and shit.

  • MangoTango73rd
    1 Week(s) Ago

    The rainbow belongs to the leprechauns.

  • TheWarmestHugz
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Why is it always these crusty old people that complain about the LGBT community, like we get it you’re old and angry, can’t you just let people enjoy loving others hassle free? 🙄

  • Bubbie-Rooskie
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Who’s to say God’s son wasn’t a member of the LGBT community? The man was never married and he was always around a bunch of guys in robes who called themselves his apostles. And he threw amazing dinner parties. And I say all this with absolutely no disrespect. Just legitimately keeping an open mind.

  • gofigure85
    1 Week(s) Ago

    God, looking for his rainbow

    I could've sworn I put it right here...huh? what the-

    sees all the gays enjoying it at a parade

    Aww, you little scamps! well, you all go on and enjoy it.

  • ThatIckyGuy
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I thought Skittles took it first.

  • JohnnyZepp
    1 Week(s) Ago

    It’s really insane to me. Just started working blue collar this year and there are many coworkers who LEGITIMATELY hate the gay community and do nothing but talk about how evil and blasphemous they are. I overheard something along the lines “if you procreate with another guy, then you’re a murderer! 1st commandment.”

    I never realized that these kind of people were so abundant. It’s really shocking. I also laugh that these older guys do nothing but complain about the gay community (being pride month). I haven’t thought much of the whole month and these homophobes can’t stop talking about it.

    Idk man, Seems kinda gay to me.

  • Zeekthekat
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Gay people stole the rainbow, like how Christmas was made to steal other people's holidays!

  • AphelionLink
    1 Week(s) Ago

    But God created the gay people too..

  • blueridgegirl
    1 Week(s) Ago

    God loves all people so he wouldn’t mind. He would like to see you in the kitchen though to discuss you judging others.

  • gvargh
    1 Week(s) Ago

    this is where neil degrasse tyson comes in with one of his snarky tweets explaining how rainbows actually work and then reddit shits all over him

  • Kaiodenic
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Gay Prometheus stole the rainbow from the gods. Be more like gay Prometheus.

  • Ol_Big_MC
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I'm ready for a new National Treasure movie.

  • BigDaddy2525
    1 Week(s) Ago

    So nice of God to give us a pretty illusion after he wiped out everybody on the planet. Hell yeah that LGBT stole the rainbow, it’s now a symbol of love and not a religious symbol

  • Darcosuchus
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Yes, we are stronger than the creator of the universe. Such is the power of LGBT.

  • PyrokudaReformed
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Bryan Fischer is a regular on American Family Radio (AFR). If you want to understand who these far right Christians really are, and why they love Trump, give this creepy-as-hell guy a listen. It’s going to make you want to puke, but it’s a clear window into these nutter’s minds. Information is key to beating them.

  • Napalm_Zombie
    1 Week(s) Ago


  • olde_greg
    1 Week(s) Ago

    How is it cultural though? God is a deity, not a culture.

  • chompythebeast
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Worst example of religiosity ever: "Christians" hate their fellow man because of who they love. They're God's. God invented them. Galatians 3:28. Stop using the divine as a smokescreen for your bigotry.

  • throwmeaway9021ooo
    1 Week(s) Ago

    God also invented Stars and Stripes which the USA cravenly stole.

  • beerbeardsbears
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Doesn't that mean they culturally appropriated the crucifix?

  • Deion313
    1 Week(s) Ago

    If your God, in all its omnipotence, infinite power and wisdom, couldn't see a rainbow being adopted, by a group of kind and caring people, i think you need to reassess your life choices.

  • KarmicComic12334
    1 Week(s) Ago

    They actually appropriated it from the hippies. True story, the hippies had started having "rainbow gatherings" and still do, where tjey pick an out of tje way spot in the national forest to pray for peace and live for a while away from the cities and stresses it brings. Great party. Anyway back in 1972 they had one in northern california and a large gay contingent came up from SF. At the time they referred to themselves as fairies.

    They were welcomed home and accepted. Everyone had a good time, and they went back telling everyone "we're rainbows now" and it stuck.

  • Dirty_Throwaway_man
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Can we just all agree that people who say shit like this are crazy and ignore them as such?

  • 0A0X
    1 Week(s) Ago

    "give it back"

    Aye mate, I've got it folded in my wallet, hang on.

  • prollynottrollin
    1 Week(s) Ago

    To be fair, they jacked it from everyone not representing the community.

  • black_stapler
    1 Week(s) Ago

    How omnipotent can he be if he can’t even hold onto his rainbow?

  • Glupthemighty
    1 Week(s) Ago

    “GIVE IT BACK!!!” 😂

  • hypepriest
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Presumably he made gay people too so....

  • Scarl8
    1 Week(s) Ago

    It was not from God, he had already sold it to the leprechauns, LGBT simply borrowed ot permamently

  • gentleman339
    1 Week(s) Ago

    What does gen 9:11-17 says? " I made the rainbow don't let gay people use it or I'm gonna copy strike ur asses "?

  • MusingsMuses
    1 Week(s) Ago

    It's 2am and I'm stuck thinking abut a flaming gay guy and God fighting over rainbows like two 6 year olds over a playground swing.

  • Turak64
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Wait until he finds out about light refracting through water

  • The_Jesus_Beast
    1 Week(s) Ago

    God invented the rainbow. He's got a patent, for God's sake!

  • Byron33196
    1 Week(s) Ago

    God _GAVE _ the rainbow to The Gays when he put us in charge of hurricanes and floods. Look it up.

  • ReallyGoodDog
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I love that he says it's the worst example ever, what a dumbass

  • iynque
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Go ahead. Take it back, God. [gaily holds rainbow just out of God’s reach]

  • wherecanwegofromhere
    1 Week(s) Ago

    the conservative trash already is crying how they can't use rainbows anymore without being associated with homos. r/unpopularopinion - a nice sewer of hilarious commentary on that.

  • IAMStillNotHere
    1 Week(s) Ago

    God is great he killed literally all of the people except one crazy guy and his family and then like any child would do he smeared colors everywhere cuase he got bored with drowning people.