GRRM has no clue!

GRRM has no clue!

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  • Swysp
    3 Month(s) Ago

    “Hey George how’s the writing going?”

    “Wonderful! We’re almost done with the Elden Ring rough draft!”

    “I meant... Game of Thrones...”

    “Oh yeah that thing..”

  • ailyara
    3 Month(s) Ago

    It's not the fact that Bran is the king that's the major problem. It's that show Bran doesn't deserve to be king because he doesn't "have a better story" than anyone else in the show. If they had developed the character properly it would have been an acceptable ending. As it was he just sat around in his chair doing nothing at all except sounding and looking stupid.

    edit: I just want to add for the fookin' kneelers that I know the sounding and looking stupid part wasn't the fault of Isaac Wright but entirely the script he was given. Proud we are of all the actors, its D&D we blame.

  • HogMeBrother
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Honestly, it’s clear it’s taking so long because he doesn’t see how to get to the ending either

  • tangypepper
    3 Month(s) Ago

    It is not about the WHATs. It is about the HOWs.

  • GenghisKazoo
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I really don't see any way Bran = King and Sansa = Queen in the North can make sense, even with GRRM writing. If Bran can hold land, he can hold Winterfell. That's his land, he's the eldest son. Sure he can give it to Sansa but then Sansa isn't an independent queen, she's what Renly was at the series start.

    I guess the North could be so stoked about Sansa they change their succession and pick her over Bran, but then how could Bran get chosen king of Westeros if he's so trash the North abandoned thousands of years of tradition just to screw him over?

  • cornysheep
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Man this is too real. Just look at it from a creative perspective, the guy just spent the last decade dealing solely with GoT. Bet he wants to do... anything else at this point.

  • Aiyako
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Now we know, the whole "GRRM was waiting to finish to see how people liked the shows ending so he could make changes in the books" wasn't a meme. He'll probably re write his books to end it with fire and blood, we'll get them in 30years

  • Watts121
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Ooooooh Elden Ring!

  • AlphaOwn
    3 Month(s) Ago

    GRRM: I doubt you could even imagine it.

  • ThoughtFood
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This is why I find it funny when everyone talks about GRRM wanting more seasons. Like no shit he wants more seasons, he keeps getting paid and doesn't have to actually write anything.

  • Damour
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This. A hundred times this. People keep thinking D&D came up with the ending on their own. GRRM told them how it ends.

    I don’t get it. GRRM kept saying my story shows how war isn’t fair and the good guy doesn’t always win. Then we get this BS happy ending.

    You want to show how war isn’t far and the good guy doesn’t always win. Dany won the throne. She should have ruled the kingdom, destroyed Sansa and the north and either married or killed Jon.

    Or any other reasonable ending other than that shit Bran.

    Thoughts Bobby b?

  • tfshaman
    3 Month(s) Ago

    george, ominously: I DOUBT YOU COULD EVEN IMAGINE IT

  • Lastdays21224
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I just spent the last three weeks or so rewatching the entire series. Tormund should be King.

  • ArtisanofWar7
    3 Month(s) Ago

    He's gonna die of old age before he writes the books

  • KodakKid3
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I’m honestly worried about this. The show obviously had a lot more problems than just Bran, but even in the books, Bran is the one character I just find incredibly boring. He’s the only one I have to skip the POVs of during rereads because his chapters make me wanna blow my brains out. Sure there are two books left for him to develop, but I just can’t see how some crippled little kid who was magically gifted superpowers for no reason will ever make a compelling ruler or character

  • Dah-Sweepah
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Nice work with the beard and glasses.
    But the ending wasn't bad. It was all the rushing/laziness that made it bad. I'm sure GRRM will create a more believable sequence to lead up to the final outcomes for his characters

  • Irksomefetor
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Can someone please... Answer me...


    All I saw him do is warg into fucking crows and mildly annoy NK.

  • Greedy_Kaiser
    3 Month(s) Ago

    He could make it work. He could write a modern day clown as the king and make it work. We just need good writing

  • Sjarcade
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Thank you for finally calling this out. So many people on this subreddit are so quick to shit on the show when this fat prick refuses to release the books.

  • Rifleshoot
    3 Month(s) Ago

    He can’t finish it at this point, right? How can he pursue the ending he wanted to do when the fan reaction has been so bad? No matter what he does, someone is going to be mad. He is better off just doing whatever he wants to at this point. Imagining myself in his shoes, it would also feel disheartening to have the ending to your story spoiled before you’ve even written it. He would have been better off telling HBO that they had to wait until he was done writing, if he seriously intended to finish the story.