'Homosexuality is not an illness': Germany plans to ban conversion therapy this year, health minister announces

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  • Amanoo
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Even if you do believe homosexuality is a disease, conversion therapies just don't work. It's less likely to work than something labeled homeopathy. It's quackery with the potential for abuse as an added bonus. We should at least acknowledge that much, no matter what your views on homosexuality are.

  • Zomaarwat
    3 Month(s) Ago

    It wasn't already?

  • Fabut
    3 Month(s) Ago

    To all the people in this thread calling it a symbolic measure:

    There are „at least 1,000 cases annually in Germany“.

  • streep36
    3 Month(s) Ago

    It was banned in the Netherlands I think a month ago. CDA, SGP, Christenunie (the christian parties) and PVV, FvD (alt-right/extreme right populist parties) voted against while the other parties voted in favour of the ban

  • Daimo
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Off topic, but TIL that Germany's health minister looks like that dude from Jurassic Park.

  • drunkbanana
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Absolutely wild that in some parts of the world , a man can marry a man no problem. And in other parts of the world , you can be put to death for it

  • life_of_guac
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Feeling gay can't come to work today

  • BaronBifford
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Nobody goes around beating up diabetics and Parkinson sufferers. Yet somehow, labelling homosexuality a disease is used an excuse to deny protections and rights to gays. It's kinda weird. It's also something that got me into trouble as a kid. As a kid, I used to call homosexuality a mental disorder, and people thought I was a homophobe for that. But in fact I regarded homosexuality as no more sinful than a peanut allergy. It took me a while to understand that certain words in certain contexts have hidden meanings for people. Human beings are irrational, and as frustrating as it is you have to work with that.

    Gay rights activists are also weird in the same manner in that they try to counter homophobia by saying that homosexuality is normal or natural. Humans have this irrational belief that what is normal or natural is better. So you have bigots on one side crying "homosexuality is a disease" and you have the activists on the other saying "homosexuality is natural". Logically, neither statement should have any bearing on how you treat gays, but using these tricks is more expedient.

  • trowzerss
    3 Month(s) Ago

    If homosexuality is an illness, does that mean you can call into work too gay to come in?

  • R3APER_1127
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Canada should really consider banning conversion therapy. I just learned this year that it is legal in Canada to send people to conversion therapy. I was shock to hear something like this actually exists in my society. Justin Trudeau talks about how he is a feminists and supports the LGBTQ community but doesn’t do anything to ban conversion therapy.

  • Sacred_Silly_Sack
    3 Month(s) Ago


    Q-Shouldn't adults be allowed to get gay conversion therapy if they want it?

    A-No. Gay conversion therapy *doesn't work*. It has been studied and objectively proven that not only do people who subject themselves to it *not* become straight, it also has a high incidence of suicide associated with it. Medical practice is regulated for a reason, it is not ok for someone to say they are a doctor/therapist and then sell you a treatment that has been objectively proven not to work *and* has severe side effects.

    Q-Well then why is gender confirmation therapy ok?

    A-Gender confirmation therapy - sometimes surgery, sometimes hormones - has also been studied by medical doctors. Access to gender confirmation therapy in appropriate patients *reduces* the suffering of those who receive it and *reduces* the incidence of suicide in that population.

  • diggerbanks
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Wow, in this day and age, in an advanced country like Germany people have only just stopped thinking like this?

    For all its smarts, the human animal is in equal measure dumb.

  • sps26
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This whole issue has always confused and annoyed me. Why do people get so upset over who other people love? It's not like you have to love another man/woman.

  • Go_Fonseca
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Good one Germany! As a Brazilian I feel this is another 7x1 against us since we have an open homophobic as our president.

  • bleakfuture19
    3 Month(s) Ago

    People don't oppose it because it is an illness, they oppose it because it is a "sin," a vague metaphysical concept that has no place in the law of a secular republic.

  • plasticismagic
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This is great news! Hopefully America will be soon to follow.

  • natha105
    3 Month(s) Ago

    The issue isn't whether or not homosexuality is an illness. If people want to lose weight, put on muscle, get a nose job, or chop off the tip of their wiener then that's their business. The issue is that there is no way to "convert" someone from gay to straight and all attempts to do so just damage the person "converting", and this is often done to children on their parents say so against the child's wishes.

    If you could pop a pill and wake up straight I would be all for letting people choose whether to do so. If you could conclusively prove that being gay was an illness (say it was caused by mothers eating white chocolate when they were pregnant), I wouldn't be in favor of forcing people to be cured. What you enjoy sexually is your own business and the only reason we should step in is to stop fraud and people passing off bleach as a cure for AIDS - which is what conversion therapy really is.

  • MeEvilBob
    3 Month(s) Ago

    American here

    Don't talk to our vice president, most of us don't even acknowledge his existence.

  • joyconotation
    3 Month(s) Ago

    [ Everyone liked that ]

  • Sean12434
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Damn right it isn't. Easiest first step to fixing healthcare in any country is banning those fucking quacks like those out of a license, pronto!

  • savagedan
    3 Month(s) Ago

    No fucking shit

  • Turbo_Anal_ISIS
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This man's right, this so-called therapy is not only useless, but also psychologically (and often enough physiologically) very harmful. Aber das ist nicht die letzte Baustelle, was das angeht.

  • DarkLordOfPretzels
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Any country that doesn’t outright ban conversion therapy is a country that is for torturing people who are different.

    I’m ashamed that in the United States we haven’t outlawed this Shit and put the people who are in charge of these places behind bars. This is torture.

  • mr_christer
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Homosexuality was a criminal act as late as 1994 in Germany. Great to see how far we have come in the last 25 years. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragraph_175

  • Thisam
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Remember leeches to clean the blood? Drilling a hole in the skull to let out the demons? You’re not a witch if you drown...

    In the near future we can hopefully add conversion therapy to that list. For now it remains yet another reason why the advanced aliens haven’t visited us.

  • SarahMerigold
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I didnt even know we had that shit here.

  • Assmodean
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Well, that is about fucking time. Glad my country is slowy moving forward.