Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: ‘It’s an Abomination’

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: ‘It’s an Abomination’

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  • Anlashok2016
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Mitch couldn't dare play Grim Reaper on this one so he just passed the job on to Rand.

  • DragoneerFA
    1 Month(s) Ago

    I love the fact that Stewart went on Fox to rail about this. He knows exactly what audience he's playing to and is trying to drive it home to the that voting demographic these people don't care about their "heroes".

  • He_lost_get_over_it
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Just so everyone is clear about this, Rand Paul is taking money from private corporations and in return giving them tax cuts at the cost of actually using that money to help the lives of people who fought the fires during 9/11.

    Everything that I have to say right now is nothing but uncivil, so I won't say anything. So let's keep playing nice with people who have no humanity and would sacrifice human lives for money.

    Obviously all we needisacivildiscussion

  • allisondojean
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Wow, everyone should watch the actual clip. Good on Brett Baier for giving them the time to say their piece.

  • Pherllerp
    1 Month(s) Ago

    What the hell is wrong with Kentucky?

  • passintimendgas
    1 Month(s) Ago

    My question is, what kind of message is Rand Paul sending to potential future first responders? It doesn’t pay to serve your country? We’ll give you lip service and fake gratitude, and then abandon you as repayment for your service? Where was his fiscal conservatism when he was the 51st vote for those corporate tax cuts?Shame on you, Rand Paul.

  • cartmanscap
    1 Month(s) Ago

    How is this not immediate political suicide?

  • maurosmane
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Mike Lee stays quiet while the President spouts racist rhetoric. Mike Lee blocks funds for 9/11 first responders. Say what you will about Utahns in general, but I do not believe that Mike Lee is representing his constituents on either issue. Shame on you Mike.

  • StandardWriting
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Rand Paul is disgusting.

  • dragonphysics
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Rand Paul IS an abomination.

  • juwakaw
    1 Month(s) Ago

    I really love that Jon Stewart let John Feal take point on their response. He used his notoriety to provide a platform for Feal, a man directly effected by this issue, to say his peace. I think the title is misleading, because Stewart only adds some commentary, but I'm glad it will get it more clicks.

  • croatoan182
    1 Month(s) Ago

    God fucking dammit. I hate my senator.

  • Johnnycc
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Jon is too young to retire. He’s gotta come back and do something. His voice is too important.

  • bleakfuture19
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Sorry, we need money for our eighth simultaneous war (Iran), which will probably spark another 9-11. Life is funny that way.

  • McNuttyNutz
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Rand Paul blocks this but has NO problem voting for trump "tax" break ...

    typical republican bullshit

  • justinlaite
    1 Month(s) Ago

    It was tough to watch the 9/11 first responders talk about the humanity they saw in McConnell when they gave him their dead friend's badge. Both because it was so raw and real, and because I knew they were being naive and the Republicans had no intention of doing shit. Mitch doesn't care about them and he lied to their faces.

  • Retutica
    1 Month(s) Ago

    C'mon Kentucky!! You can do better than McConnell and Rand Paul! Please!!

  • ihohjlknk
    1 Month(s) Ago

    If 9/11 had happened in any other nation (heaven forbid), the first responders who risked their lives to save people would not need to beg in front of politicians for healthcare, because universal healthcare would have paid their bills regardless. But this is America: the land of exceptions.

  • JLBesq1981
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Responding directly to Paul, Stewart called his objection “absolutely outrageous,” adding, “Pardon me if I’m not impressed in any way by Rand Paul’s fiscal responsibility virtue signaling.” 

    Stewart went on to condemn Paul for supporting President Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax cut that “added hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit” and now trying to “balance the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community.” 

    The GOP and Trump continue to betray Americans who deserve honor, respect and help from our country. Is it so blatantly cruel there is no reasonable explanation other than political leveraging. Questions that once would have seemed ridiculous start to form.

    • Is this Trump's retribution against New York? His policies tend to hurt states that do not support his agenda.
    • Is this GOP punishment against New York for being a liberal state, a way to push blame and propaganda?
    • Are Republicans reluctant to help because first responders represent a diverse culture of ethnicities, nationalities, and countries of origin?
    • Why have Republicans been responsible for stalling almost every aid package for suffering Americans since Trump's inauguration?

    The GOP is the party of oppression, in all forms, in every manner all while selling it as what's best for America.

  • 3FE001
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Of all the things and times to play the budget card.... dammit dude, if you really feel this way about the budget then you will seek a 30% cut in military spending, that's how ya save big money

  • americangame
    1 Month(s) Ago

    I just don't get it. How much would this cost to fully fund it at the end of it all? less than 0.1 of the annual GDP for 30 more years?

  • BlackeeGreen
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Dude. Run for some sort of elected political office already. It's your calling and we all fucking know it.

  • notanotherredditid
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Rand Paul is an abomination.

    And a Russian courier for Trump. Rand Paul Goes To Russia And Delivers Letter For Trump, Marking Our Era Of Irony

    No wonder his neighbors hate him.

  • frankie_cronenberg
    1 Month(s) Ago

    ”Pardon me if I’m not impressed in any way by Rand Paul’s fiscal responsibility virtue signaling.”

    Stewart went on to condemn Paul for supporting President Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax cut that “added hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit” and now trying to “balance the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community.”

    Hey, one of the rare appropriate uses of the term “virtue signaling.”

    Goddamn I miss Jon Stewart so fucking much...

  • iceblademan
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Finally, a headline where "eviscerates" is accurate.

  • TidyUpJim
    1 Month(s) Ago

    why tho. Why are conservatives against this? They always preach to us to "never forget 9/11", yet they pull off stunts like this.

  • Killtrend
    1 Month(s) Ago

    I’m a hardcore libertarian. I went from voting for Rand during the republican presidential elections to hating his fucking guts.

    Our government is full of traitors and cowards. Not a god damn spine on either side of the aisle. Flash a check at anyone on either side and they’ll crumble like a sand castle.

    I want anti-lobbying laws more than I want any other single issue. More than I want gun rights, more than I want health care reform and more than I want a balanced budget. As long as money is in politics we will not be free.

  • rgates19
    1 Month(s) Ago

    I miss Jon Stewart!

  • Iamthefly55595472
    1 Month(s) Ago

    I don't understand why. There is no reasonable argument that we cannot afford it, especially with all the recent tax cuts. Also, it's extremely unpopular and is fucking repugnant.

    What the hell is the point? You just want people to die, or the country to fall apart? What could you possibly lose by voting for it? Fucking mind boggling.

    Edit: extra and

  • lennybird
    1 Month(s) Ago

    Jon Stewart is the Mark Twain of our time. His wit, candor, and oratory skills are unmatched in my opinion. I would not want to have Jon pissed at me. If Jon dislikes you (see Judith Miller, Cheney, McConnell, Paul, etc.), you are on the wrong side of history.

  • [deleted]
    1 Month(s) Ago