We're nearing the end (tonight) of our biggest sale of the year on digital subscriptions. I just wanted to make this (mod-approved) post to let you know about the sale. It's $1 for 3 months of unlimited digital use. The normally monthly price is $6.99.

That's something you may want when the Bucks go to the playoffs, because Matt Velazquez, JR Radcliffe, Lori Nickel and our many photographers and other reporters will be doing a full court press on this magic. Of course, we hope you find our content valuable outside of the playoffs.

Thank you so much for reading and for being such a fun sub. Here's a link to the deal.

Let me know about any coverage you're desiring and I promise to pass it on.

Bucks in Six (and f*ck Mike Dunleavy).

Lainey Seyler

Edit: the swear