Radiohead Donates Money to Climate Change Group Instead of Paying Ransom to Hackers. The band released hours of hacked recordings rather than pay ransom money to the hacker who stole them.

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  • RunDNA
    1 Week(s) Ago

    That's not quite accurate.

    The original fan with the recordings gave a copy to someone else. That second fan offered to sell copies of the 18 discs to other Radiohead fans online, so the original fan got pissed off and leaked all the music six days ago. Radiohead fans have been listening to the music for the last few days.

    So now Radiohead is selling the music officially online, with sales going to charity.

    Edit: the group of hardcore fans who produced the Google Doc Tracklist of the Leak have now confirmed most of these facts in their new Updated Document where they lay out the whole story in detail. Here's some of what they said:

    Stories about the discs being held for ransom are untrue, and it seems that even the band believed them. The band may be misinformed, or they may intentionally be crafting a legendary version of events. It was incredibly frustrating reading the articles that got it all wrong.

    But there is also one final twist in the story: it is revealed that the Second Fan was the one who finally leaked the music, but he leaked it under a fake account pretending to be who he falsely claimed was the Original Fan. Or something like that.

  • Studsmanly
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Any aspiring hackers should probably take note: If you're going to target musicians for blackmail, maybe try something more embarrassing than some unreleased studio recordings and a group that's less likely to use it as an opportunity to raise awareness for worthy causes.

    Kudos Radiohead.

  • LyleTheMosquito
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Which once again proves my theory, that hacking musicians reduces climate change.

  • ilovefacebook
    1 Week(s) Ago

    how do you hack into a mini disc collection?

  • itty53
    1 Week(s) Ago

    The hackers did not try to blackmail Thom Yorke. They offered tracks for sale online, individually, to anyone who would pay, at a range of prices that when all totaled, equaled about 150k. Yorke simply released the tracks for a small fee, undercutting the guy who was trying to profit off his work.

    This is an important distinction, because "holding them ransom" would be an altogether separate crime, extortion. They did not attempt to extort anyone.


  • Alien_Way
    1 Week(s) Ago

    After what they did to Scott Tenorman at the chili cook-off you figure a hacker would know better than to mess with them.

  • yellowaiello
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Did anyone listen? Even their throwaway songs are amazing...

  • [deleted]
    1 Week(s) Ago


  • bedok77
    1 Week(s) Ago

    That is what you get, when you mess with us..

  • Octodad112
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Hell never see it again if he squeals to the cops

  • Ampsnotvolts
    1 Week(s) Ago

    So I donated money to climate change and got the longest Radiohead album ever? Today is a good day. :)

  • joshmaaaaaaans
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Wasn't it radiohead that also did the whole pay what you want for our latest album thing? They seem to enjoy their music being published in non mainstream ways.

  • Avastcrew
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Imagine trying to extort from a band that released an album for free.

  • Shnazzyone
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Thom Yorke is one of the most beautiful men in the world.

  • briandt75
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Karma police, arrest this man.

  • sawmyoldgirlfriend
    1 Week(s) Ago

    The band version of Keanu Reeves.

  • JamesWjRose
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I don't think I know any of their material, but they have my absolute respect.

  • helpmewatson
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Considering radio head realead an album for free years ago, this should come as no surprise that they tirned this into a charity fundraiser.

    My hats off to them for responding in a way that will have a positive result.

  • dogandcatfan
    1 Week(s) Ago

    They should hack metallica and reap the profits. Metallica really doesn't like music getting out for free.

  • xenobuzz
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Any aspiring hackers, please dig into the Orange One’s financials if you really want to kick the hive.

  • darthryan1981
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Just for that, instead of pirating their music, I'll actually buy it.

  • 90265sbsbsbwtf
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Radiohead is awesome! πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ

  • billyboblee
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Well I'm going to pay for the next radio head album instead of Spotify it.

  • backslash21
    1 Week(s) Ago

    This is what you'll get, when you mess with us

  • BrockenSpecter
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Of all the Bands to try and Blackmail.

  • Nick246
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Didn't they also release a full album, a few years ago, for "free" but you could donate whatever you wanted?

    These guys probably not the ones to pull that stuff with.

  • dWintermut3
    1 Week(s) Ago

    "hacked" is a bit of a strong term for stealing a guy's minidisks.

  • tenably_turnpike
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I can't say I'm THAT excited by the release, but I underpaid for In Rainbows, and it has been the most personally important record I've had since it came out. So yeah, I threw a bit extra in the pot for the sake of my curiosity.

  • mr_poorman
    1 Week(s) Ago

    To clear up some misinformation:

    The 'hacker' didn't hold Radiohead to ransom for $150k. About a week ago, the hacker came out claiming to have 18 hours of unreleased material, and asked potential buyers for anywhere from $500 to $3000 per track. All added up, it was about $150k worth of stuff.

    Regardless, the 18 hours was leaked for free a couple of days later. It's been floating around for almost a week now. It's been a big week over at r/radiohead.

  • SwoleFlex_MuscleNeck
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Who would have thought the first huge band to release a pay-what-you-want album decades ago as a "fuck you" to the likes of Metllica wouldn't give a shit about stolen recordings

  • deadrowan
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Was just watching Suspiria 2018. Damn Thom can you get any cooler.

  • Capitalist_Model
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Never negotiate with terrorists and disgraceful blackmailers.