Teen Driver Couldn't See Through Cloud of Pot Smoke, Rammed Police Car

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  • UsualPerformance
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I had my fog lights on but still couldn’t see shit in this cloud

  • mrguse
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Driving away from the scene, he panicked and side-swiped a police cruiser—pinning a senior constable against the car and breaking the officer's leg. The constable is still in the hospital after undergoing surgery on Monday.

    Welp... that's not going to go well for the driver.

  • Raiden115X
    1 Week(s) Ago

    "How are we gonna spot Cops with all this smoke?"

    "Use the wipers."

  • Globalist_Nationlist
    1 Week(s) Ago

    The fuck did they do.. smoke 8 blunts? How the hell do you get the inside of your car that smokey..

  • MJTony
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Was the driver’s name Cheech?

  • shingofan
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Who hotboxes while driving?

  • damndaniel80
    1 Week(s) Ago

    You know if this had ended in a darker direction that teen would be up for a Darwin award.

  • MsNamkhaSaldron
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Idiots! Seriously dont smoke and drive. I thought that was obvious.

  • Taman_Should
    1 Week(s) Ago

    "What seems to be the officer, problem?"

  • DerKeksinator
    1 Week(s) Ago

    The stakes are high: a 2018 Colorado Department of Transportation study found that, after legalization, highway deaths in Colorado involving drivers with marijuana in their system increased from 75 in 2014 to 139 in 2017. On the other hand, the number of drivers who were over the legal limit for marijuana (5 nanograms) decreased from 52 to 35 during the same period.

    Interesting, stupid people can't handle their shit, maybe?

  • kvlr954
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Makes me think of the movie Outside Providence, got Dunphy shipped off to boarding school. Such an underrated movie

  • notorious98
    1 Week(s) Ago

    I never really understood the desire to hotbox.

  • Bullock165
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Fool. He should have stabbed himself with anything he could find in his car and tell the police he's been stabed and trying to get to hospital.

  • Lifesuckscumfuck
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Direct action

    1 Week(s) Ago


  • OctopusPudding
    1 Week(s) Ago

    This is like something out of a movie. i can only imagine that feeling of "ohhhhhhhh.... shit."

  • Newnustart
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Gotta say it again for the dumbasses, if you drive under the influence you're trash and I hope the only person you hurt when you crash is yourself.

  • Vector75
    1 Week(s) Ago

    \rolled a 1** Critical Failure.

  • 3throwaway141596
    1 Week(s) Ago

    What an idiot, there's no reason to ever smoke in your car. You should wait a couple hours after smoking and drinking water before you get behind the wheel.

  • MyDickWolfGotRipTorn
    1 Week(s) Ago

    Happened in Australia, which is why the headline doesn't read

    "Teen Driver And Passengers Shot 203 times After Ramming Police Car"
    Police say they reloaded and fired multiple times as it was hard to tell how many perpetrators there were and whether they'd been hit due to the thick cloud of smoke inside the vehicle.