The sequel to The Legend of #Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for NintendoSwitch!

The sequel to The Legend of #Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for NintendoSwitch!

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  • metanoia29
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Damn, when's the last time we've had a direct sequel with the same Link?? Wind Waker to Phantom Hourglass?

  • stilltrash
    3 Month(s) Ago

    trailer looked so dark story wise and i’m so happy

    edit: link to trailer:

  • jhabibs
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Love the tone of that trailer.

  • SFdubnation
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Old, decrepit Ganon is very scary

  • wowitzer
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Yeeeesss gimme that zelda horror

    Redeads inbound.

  • DSonicBoom
    3 Month(s) Ago


  • Bluxen
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Ganon: "You couldn't live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me."

  • BuckieJr
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Totally caught off guard there. I can’t wait!

  • nekromantique
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Yall are missing out on the biggest part of the trailer.

    Short haired Zelda

  • Ionsife
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This looks like it will already have a better story since it wont (seemingly) be based on flashbacks but how do you make the same map more fun?

  • UnculturedYam
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I'm ready to get lost in Hyrule again. I'm already hyped.

  • Lorde555
    3 Month(s) Ago

    This is like what Majoras Mask was to Ocarina of Time. Nintendo are truly in a golden age right now.

  • Rollerc11
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I could feel chills go down my spine. That music felt so close to Twilight Princess.

    I’m all for a darker tone for the sequel.

  • fuzzynavel34
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Oh my fucking god

  • infamousbach
    3 Month(s) Ago

    The fact that this is a direct sequel with the same engine and map and art style makes me SO HAPPY

    I’m so excited

  • mr_nalgas
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Definitely got some Majora's Mask off the chains vibes from this, excited af!

    3 Month(s) Ago


  • HopeFarron
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Nintendo wins. No contest. Stop the match.

  • gammalantern
    3 Month(s) Ago



  • DemonLordDiablos
    3 Month(s) Ago

    That... was Ganondorfs dead body. Not Calamity Ganon. THE Ganondorf.

    Jesus Christ i hope to god the story lives up to the trailer.

  • Inzaine
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Looks like a Majora's Mask-esque sequel. I'm pumped through the roof.

  • the_boy_who_lied
    3 Month(s) Ago


  • Uncanny_Doom
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I love the reactions all stream comments were giving this.

    Everyone: "DLC?! DLC!!"


  • toffee_fapple
    3 Month(s) Ago

    All I want is another 900 koroks.

  • Necoroyals
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I'm really hoping that this implies we get some time spend maybe with zelda instead of needing to save her, i mean ofcourse that is the point of the game and eventually we will have to (i think the trailer kindof shows she got caught?), but it would be nice to not spend the entire game separated.

  • PumasUNAM7
    3 Month(s) Ago


  • waloz1212
    3 Month(s) Ago

    That is totally unexpected

  • Dyvius
    3 Month(s) Ago

    So BotW was a complete experience to me. I felt the lesson the game taught me was that the journey was as important or more important than the end. The game's design reinforced this by allowing you to do as little or as much as you wanted prior to reaching the Final Battle.

    Reaching Ganon after having unlocked every shrine and freeing every Divine Beast and unlocking every memory and acquiring the Hylian Shield and Master felt easy.

    But I think that also reinforced the lesson of BotW. I had so much fun running all over Hyrule and powering myself for this gargantuan confrontation and I was summarily rewarded by running right over Ganon.

    I say all this because I never expected BotW to have a sequel. The game felt like a complete experience to me.

    That said, if a sequel brings the same quality? I'm so hyped! MORE BotW??? Incredible. This is like Christmas to me.

  • shinxofquartz
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Ok nintendo, I want one request and only one request since I know whatever this turns out to be, it will be a masterpiece.

    Just let us pet dogs.

  • PlexasAideron
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Jesus christ, hype levels off the chart

  • NamedSword
    3 Month(s) Ago


  • -GolfWang-
    3 Month(s) Ago

    A co-op Breath of the Wild sequel with Link and Zelda would make me poop my soul out of my body

  • Cospo
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Ok, so I know the speculation is going to be off the charts with this trailer, but did anybody else notice the music was very reminiscent of Twilight Princess. Perhaps signalling the return of the Twilight Realm?

    Which could make sense. A direct sequel to Botw would presumably mean that the map would remain relatively unchanged, so addition of the twilight realm would potentially "double" the size of the map having a light and dark realm of Hyrule.

    Who knows, but the suspense is killing me.

  • -----SNES-----
    3 Month(s) Ago

    I audibly gasped.

  • Forstride
    3 Month(s) Ago

    BotW getting the Majora's Mask treatment is EXACTLY what I wanted. It obviously would've been a waste to not reuse the engine and assets, and this looks like it's gonna have a MUCH darker theme, which is what I really loved about MM.

  • DonSoLow
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Please Please Please Let us play as Zelda!

  • TheUltimate721
    3 Month(s) Ago

    My prediction: Same Engine Overworld is largely the same, but since it takes place after BOTW it's "rebuilding Hyrule" (Almost like Pokemon BW2 to the first) More/Different Monsters (Darknuts???) Traditional Style Dungeons (I'm thinking almost a blend of Zelda 1 exterior style/TP interior style dungeons) Much more story focused (I think the corpse is Twinrova)

    I think Zelda gets much more screentime this time around, because I think Nintendo finally realizes that more Zelda in her own series isn't a bad thing. (Can we talk about how TP Zelda was wasted by that??)

  • raki016
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Omg wtf niiiiiice

  • warcrazey
    3 Month(s) Ago

    Holy fuck. E3 is saved